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Design Documentation

Students are required to maintain and present a portfolio documenting their progress through the program.

RAIC Syllabus Components

The 3-prong composition of the Syllabus consists of:

  1. Work Experience
  2. Design Studio courses
  3. Academic (correspondence) courses

Monitoring Student Progress

Unlike Academic Examiners, who relate to students long-distance by mail, e-mail, fax or telephone, Coordinators, Mentors & Jury Members are on the ‘front line’ working with students in the application of theoretical knowledge within Design studio courses. Knowledge of student progress within the Academic component, work experience the student is obtaining, and other related issues, are helpful toward identifying and addressing areas of weakness in the students overall education.

Academic Course Grades

In order to receive credit for academic courses taken through Athabasca University, Syllabus Students must submit proof of course completion and grades to the RAIC Syllabus National Office. The RAIC National Office will accept a copy of a student's 'Statement of Grades' as proof of course completion and to record grades in the RAIC Transcript for each academic course taken through Athabasca University. Students will be required to submit to the RAIC Syllabus National Office an Official Transcript from Athabasca University at the end of Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the program in order to advance and receive a Certificate of Completion/ Diploma. 

The Statement of Grades can be emailed to the RAIC Syllabus Registrar at: OR

Portfolio Contents & Processing

The tool in this endeavour, the student portfolio and use of it within the program, has been adopted. 

  1. Students are to create & maintain keep a portfolio, which is to be presented at the beginning of each term to their Local Coordinator.
  1. The portfolio will contain, but not be limited to:
    • Copies of design studio documentation for all completed studio courses;
    • Curriculum vitae & copies of CERB (Canadian Experience Record Book) reports;
    • Other items at the student’s discretion, such as sketch studies, photography, essays, etc.

The portfolio will be forwarded, or presented, to the Design Mentor of the student, who will return the portfolio to the student prior to the end of the design studio session.

Studio Design Documentation

TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR COMPLETED DESIGN STUDIO COURSES, Students are required to submit documentation at the end of each design studio

The Design Studio Documentation submitted by students becomes part of the Student Portfolio. Students are advised to keep submission requirements in mind for ease of assembly at the end of the studio.

The Syllabus Director reviews submissions each term to monitor National design studio standards. Submissions are not returned to the student, become the property of the RAIC Syllabus and may be included in the on-line resource library, publication, public displays, or reviews.

Submissions also may be destroyed without prior notice.

Submission Deadlines (received by the Registrar, and your Coordinator, by)

Term 1 =  June 15           

Term 2 =  December 15

Keep it Simple (refer to Architectural magazines)

  1. Coversheet (click here for the form) containing the student’s typed description of the intent, concept, process & resolution to the assignment(s) of the studio, followed by:
  2. Assignment(s) issued by Coordinator or Mentor
  3. Drawings & models, digital only (pdfs or jpgs) by CD, email or web transfer.  Ensure all images are CLEAR. Illegible submissions will not be accepted.

Format Details

Text and graphics must be clear 
Check grammar, syntax & composition for clarity of communication
Student’s TYPED description is not to exceed the provided Coversheet space

Label all pages and all images attached to the Coversheet as follows:

  • Student Name & Identification Number (Province, Number, Chapter)
  • Course Number and Name in full
  • Term (Term 1 or Term 2) & year of the design studio
  • Location of design studio (City & Province)

Ensure all labelling is included as part of file names and on each individual image for submissions.

Digital Submissions:

E-mail ONE COMPLETE PDF FILE, including

  • coversheet
  • assignments
  • graphics 

Email your documentation by the deadline to the Registrar, at, and to your Coordinator.

PDF files of 10MB or less can be e-mailed directly.

Larger PDF files of up to 25MB, are to be sent via DropBox.

The e-mail Subject Line & attached File Name should read as:

DESDOC_Studio _LAST name, FIRST name_Student ID_Submission Date

Sample: DESDOC_D4_SMITH, Jane_NY110011NYC_2011Dec21

REMEMBER! Keep at least one complete copy for inclusion in your portfolio.

Click here for the Design Documentation Coversheet

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